My map doesn't read materials folder. Help!

So im porting a map from gmod 9 to 15 and weird things happen.

This map doesn’t read materials folder!
This means that every custom texture is black and purple.
EVERY texture is in the folder. I checked that.
if you want to test or fix my map, download it here: (if link gets blocked map name is gm_blindviolence on workshop)
I hope you understand me and my problem.

Thanks for your attention.

How did you publish the map on the workshop?

The folders and files are capitalised (from gamebanana). I’d suggest making all these lowercase, decompiling the map (using BSPSource/VMEX) and replacing the previously capitialised materials with the lowercase materials, then compiling the map again in hammer.

Also you may want to look at this:
This way you’ll be able to pack the materials into the map file.

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Also you may want to check whether the map requires any content from other source games, such as HL2 EP2 or CSS.

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I’ve checked and the map contains materials packed into the bsp already:!gdZljKAS!Q2UYJ0PlGTd7bep9tk6U6SrXzC2HwGVjsIeqBZu45UQ

I apologise if that link is blocked.

I will try the materials from bsp and reply if they will work.
Btw sorry for the wait.
As soon as it will be working i will update the map.