My map flatgrass wonder

this map i made completely myself, it contains a city area thing, 2 bases, a nograviy area, a spike pit of death, a sky area, a shooting range, and a underground hill area, i will be adding more things in the near future, like water,buildings,and more fun stuff, it will also defienitly look better soooooooooo yes, my email is if you need any help or anything else so thank you for downloading if you did
here are some pictures

Fullbright ewww.

yeah im sorry its just to much work, but the next one will have lighting


yeah im sorry its just to much work, but the next one will have lighting

It’s too much work to put in a lightenviroment and some lights? Is it too much work to use grammar too?


Also everything is boxes and looks ugly.

whats the need to be a dick, i dont think i need to grammer check my sentences on the internet


also your right about the boxy thing but its my first map and ill fix that

I’m just saying it’s a little hard to respect people and take them seriously when they type like a 9 year old.


Besides that, your map looks terrible in fullbright, I would never play a fullbright map unless it was really absurdly good, but I have yet to find a fullbright one that is.


Never release your first anything. It’s pretty much common sense.

Dude get off his back… its his first map i bet you havnt even MADE a single DECENT map now… i have this map is alright for me!

“Never release your first anything. It’s pretty much common sense.”

K, your a dick aren’t you, Kybalt? Its pretty smart imo, he can get opinions from people and he can fix his mistakes in the future.

First off, that’s a complete logical fallacy. You don’t have to be a decent chef to know when you’re eating shit. Secondly, I know my way around hammer and I can map if pressed. I’m not that good at coming up with an idea for a map though.


There’s a difference between releases and asking for help. This seems more like a release. Besides, are you telling me he can’t see the issues with this map?

Unless you are at least 101% sure it’s totally epic and makes everybody want it, that is.

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk about the map, shall we?
First of all, you could’ve been nice and posted it in the mapping forum, because there are people who are adept mappers, but only frequent that area, so they couldn’t have seen your map (And given constructive criticism!)
Secondly, making a lit map is not hard. In a flatgrass map pretty much all you must do is to add a light_environment. And a few lights inside buildings.
Third, you have random textures. Try to stick to one theme per map, or at least per area. Dev textures are generally frowned upon, as they seem to be considered laziness.
Fourth, have you included all your custom materials in with the map?


Complete disagree. I have myself made maps like this, and yes, they are indeed shit. That is why you shouldn’t release your first anything.


I agree with both. Especially the fact that he himself admits at least some of the issues (fullbrightness, at least), means he can learn to be a better mapper. And anyway, saying that something is your first gamemode, lua script or map will generally make people be mean, either just for teh lulz or even seriously. Unless it’s actually quality stuff.

thanks for posting a nice comment and im starting to fix the lighting and im actually going to take time on making it look good, rather than sloppy, i have a question for you though, im not sure on how to make a elevator that isnt laggy would you know how to make a good elevator

Isn’t laggy? A func_movelinear works well. Ask more in the Mapping-forum, they’ll feel happy to teach you good mapping :slight_smile: (They could also go mad and rip you apart over the internet, but that doesn’t happen often)


Also, I don’t like being mean. Pretty much everybody is a bit mean on facepunch, but flaming gets you banned. :slight_smile:

hahaha thank you

No problem.

Now, to the mapping forum, will you! :smiley:

yes hahah


^ This.

^ that, and this…

you took a box and dragged it a couple times and… TOO MUCH WORK!!! you just shift + drag a bunch of other little boxes that we call lights which wouldn’t be any more work than your 30 second map, then you add 1 more little checkbox in the compile. WOW THAT WAS HARD!