My Map is Blocky

Well I’m trying to make a map that looks a lot like black mesa, but it’s too blocky, It’s before the incident, so don’t suggest displacements.
Also I’m not talking about using the cylinders,I mean making the corners turn into round ,smooth areas


that’s an example :fuckyou: I already know about clipping but it can’t be that,since even clipping is blocky. :sad:

EDIT: So Basically I want to know how to make a more round map, less blocky

What kind of an OP is this?
What are we supposed to do?

Please insert a larger image.

sorry the image is too small,it’s from moddb

Is the image of your own map? If not, maybe an image of your own map may be an idea?

Well, it is the clipping tool, you can make rounded corners with that, just figure it out, play with it a little :wink: Or go to youtube and type Clipping tool

For the corners you could us a cylinder as your referance and then clip the brush corner so it’s smoother. Our you could use a clipped cylinder on a clipped part of your wall just for it and func_detail the cylinder.

Adding props to the map also makes it seem less blocky and open.

Doesnt look blocky. but hard to tell how blocky something is when peoples avatars are bigger than this.

That’s a black mesa’s WIp map image, not his map.

operation black mesa

you can use the clipping tool to make round corners, but thats the best you can get with sdk, its based on flat surfaces, you just need to play with it until you get the right corners.

Small Image

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anyways thats not his map

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i love this image.

All credits for this picture go to Operation Black Mesa.


Thought i should post this since everyone was complaining about small picture on OP.

Post pictures of your map so we can make suggestions. I suggest you use the above image for reference. Add props laying around, pipes, curved surfaces, and decals.

Currently there is no such thing as a smooth brush. Everything is made from faces and vertices so the clip tool is fine. The trick is getting the right sized clips.

I know you said no displacements but, you could use displacements on the wall corners if you are really worried about blockiness. Select two faces and subdivide them.

See this subdivision tutorial or this tutorial on realism.