My Map is Blocky

Use the clip tool on grid power 2, but never 1 as it starts to get messy. Then use smoothing groups on the corner, this gives the illution it’s completely smooth.

I said no displacements, because My map is black mesa before the incident like the picture, and by the way the person who found the larger size, how did you find it? (firefox won’t let me view it)


By the way here’s the blocky map : awful isn’t it?

I mean use displacements on columns or corners. I don’t mean use them on the floors.

Subdivide makes the two faces smooth together. It doesn’t make them lumpier.

IMHO you should redo the map after reading the optimization guide. It is very small and bad right now and redoing it would be easier.

Ok, let’s start on looking at your map. I’ve just watched the first 20 seconds and we’re going to deal with them first.

Your main problem in this room is a complete lack of detail and confusion about the rooms theme.

  1. Theme - what is this room meant to be? Currently it looks somewhere between a storage room and a reception. It should be one or the other, not both. Sort this out and stick to the rooms theme with content and textures and it will look more unified and normal.

  2. Details - details are sparse, there are few props that have just seemingly been thrown in. Use more. You have large tracts of open blank wallsapce (this is why your room looks blocky) fill them with either architecture (butresses, niches/alcoves or just different brushwork with a different but appropriate texture) or props (e.g pipes, monitors computers, lockers, whatever it is keep it relevant to the room theme) Now onto detailing issues with existing brushwork. You have floating stairs. Where are the supports? The banisters and railings? That mesanine floor needs support too, add columns underneath or above that look like they are holding it up. Since when do you get entire walls just made of mesh? Never. They need a frame around them and supports to hold them up. I suggest using props for this (hl2 has some excellent mesh fencing props).
    Finally on detailing the lighting is very bland and even, you can use shadows to break up large flat faces too.

20 - 40

What’s that random pipe doing? where it joins the room there are some hideous clipping issues and think realistically about whether you’d see a pipe just running into a room like that. What does the pipe carry? It’s too big to be ventilation adn why would that room have water/sludge/oil in it?

1 min +

Grenade proof glass? Riiight.

Sort your lighting out. A careful combination of correctly orientated light_spot with a low brightness light (30-40ish) of the same colour a few units away in the direction the light is pointed will look much better (don’t forget to change the inner and outer angles). Also consider adding sprites to your lights.

Finally, that random room with no real purpose. What is it? It must have a function, if you don’t know what it is, then the player won’t either.

Architecture? It’s Black mesa, not a museum

This is why I don’t bother to give CC anymore. I spend 10 minutes writing a paragraph and the person on the receiving end picks up what they perceive to be a flaw in my English and ignores the rest. Next time I won’t bother to be so polite about what clearly is about 20 seconds of effort.
I’ll indulge your ignorance for a moment however, architecture refers to structural building design of any description.

Also I don’t know why you ask for help making your map look good and then criticise when people do try to help.

Play through half life and look at the way it is put together. Your map looks nothing like that. Plus you have a leak there.

That video was pointless. You are showing off other peoples weapon skins, on a map with is sub par.

SOrry, I was in a pissy mood, anyway I’m remaking the map