My map is completely Dark!

Well, there is this map that I have fixed up with. Then when I compile it the map is completely dark unless you use the flashlight! So can anyone help me fix this problem?

Add lights?

if he hasn’t added lights it should be fullbright.

Check if you have added any light entities at all, at some weird place.

Also, post compile log

If there’s a single light somewhere the rest will be pitch black.

There’s lot of lights :(. And I’ll get back to you on the compile log.

Are you sure you’re running with vrad on?

Are they inside model/brush geometry? if so either try moving them outside the model/brush or disabling shadows on the model.

Either that or the lights are far too weak to light anything up although the lights are probably somewhere where they cant cast light like in a wall.

Or u put it into model, so it will be visible only inside model

Sometimes when I get leaks, parts of my map if not all of it, go completely dark even though there are lights. So you might have a leak.

are you sure you are not using a model texture?


If hdr is set on and there is no environmental light, any light_spots will have a brightness by default of 1.

A normal light_spot has a brightness of 200.

I don’t have a leak since I can see the skybox.
HDR Isn’t on, I’ve done only Fast and Normal on VRAD though.

Decompiled map. It’s got a bunch of corrupt things in there which has killed light bounces, thus erasing your lightmaps.

Yeah. Remake it completely and that will fix it.