My Map won't load.

When I do the run map it just goes to the start menu of the game, when I try to go into the game and create server the map is doesn’t load and it goes back to the menu.

Anyone got a solution?

Also I’m new at mapping so I might not know some terms.

Can you open the console and see if there is anything written there after it loads?

Failed, using default cubemap 'engine/defaultcubemap'
Failed, using default cubemap 'engine/defaultcubemap'
**Host_EndGame: Map coordinate extents are too large!!**
Check for errors!

Seems all negative :mmmhmm:

Host_EndGame: Map coordinate extents are too large!!

This error is crashing the loading process. Check for objects on the edge or beyond Hammer’s grid boundary.


It doesn’t seem like it.

Zoom right out and around all the grid, you probally have a floating brush or entity out in the middle of nowhere towards the map boundaries. You need to check on your X, Y, Z axis as it can be pretty much anywere.

Or, on the other hand, just place a bounding box around your brushes, hit enter (I think) and copy and paste them into a new map.

hey, has the name of the map got any spaces? if it has, this is the problem. Try replacing the spaces with underscores

that’s the fix for when the compiler can’t find your map because it is looking for instead of

Select everything (Map -> Map properties does this, I forgot where the actual select all was and I don’t have Hammer open) and see if there’s an origin or a stray brush really far out by the grid.

It’s under Edit. Just like in MSWord.