My maths teacher would go crazy

Is it so 2 is equal to 3?
YES! It is!


what the shit

I’ve taken 3 years of undergraduate digital logic classes where I’ve learned to decipher just about any logic circuit, but I can’t make out anything in your pseudo-diagrams. It does look like your constant value gate is outputting two numbers instead of a single constant value though, that’s kind of hard to explain. Also, are you trying to divide by 0 in the divide gates? In general, I would say that your erroneous output is related to the poor logic in your design, and not some new truth you found using wire.

the fuck are you talking about this man is clearly a fucking genius


or you know, the last gate is a Greater Than or a Less Than gate

What the hell is this shit? Isn’t there a subforum for contraptions?

It’s brilliance.

Put in a human being.

Put in the right generation so he can do what we see now.

He’s the chosen one.