My metal do just floated into space LOL

I was playing the game, when I opened my metal door is glitched and floated into space out of place lol. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

It’s been known to happen. usually you can close the door again. and it will be fixed back in its frame

ah thx, its back now xD

Np. Happy hunting for your doors next time :).

  • Ive seen alot of floaters. Floating doors, floating bears, floating players, floating buildings.

Perhaps they are working on a Zero gravity server :)?

Or there’s a bug that causes the “move objects around in the world” code to send stuff to the moon.

That happened to me once, so I freaked out and placed another door. First door came home and then I had two doors in the same doorway.

lol, well at least it comes back xD

Someone hatcheted out my door, so I hatcheted out theirs and then it wouldn’t let me place another in the doorway, it would however let me place on in the middle of the room…

when you destroy a door a little wood beam appears in the door frame. You can’t place another door until that beam dissapears which is a few minutes.