My mic is messing up people's game sound

My mic is messing up people’s game sound in Gmod, I used HLDJ and i think that is the problem.
i tryed to uninstall it by going to add &remove programs and it dose not show up. I used the resicole bin but that did not work, i still get console poping up on main menu telling me how to use HLDJ. so it must not be completly off my computer.

I use skype and vent on a dayly basses and my friends say my mic is fine on there but in game it just messes with other peolpes in game sound. so i know its not the mic because i tryed others but it still hapons.

Plz do not post on here if your not going to help, i donot wont to heir people say " the same thing is haponing to me."
I would love to hair ppl giveing me info on how to fix this problem. Thank You

I had this problem too. My mic worked in CS:S, but didn’t in Tf2.

Try plugging it into the rear port (or the front port, whichever one you’re not using).
Move it around in its port a bit.
Go into the advanced options for the mic and disable any decibel boosting.
Get a better mic. Mine was 15$, but my relative lets me use his 60$ one that works like a charm.

First learn how to spell.
Second go to Steam and select you Mic if that doesn’t work go to to Options in-game and set the settings accordingly.