My mic isn't responding due to a garrysmod bug. (Maybe broken)

Today I was playing and making something. I go to sit in the seat I spawned and I freeze. My hud and a lot of other things turn black, everything it glitchy. So I re-join the server and try to sit in the seat again, same thing happens. I re-join again and try using my mic. Everyone in the server says its only static and they can’t hear me. So in an effort to reconfigure my mic I tested the hardware (which usually works when my mic isn’t responding). It detects no input from my headset. So I restart my computer hoping that will work. It didn’t. My mic is now unresponsive (maybe broken) because of a bug that wasn’t fixed.

How could garrysmod have broken your mic? Maybe it just broke or there’s something up with your headset/drivers

It was working fine before this happened.

Yes, and perhaps your equipment broke while playing the game? I’m not sure how a lua error can cause your microphone to completely stop. Try an old mic to see?

I’m honestly not sure ethier but I was playing and talking and right when this bug happened my mic stopped responding. I know this because when I was getting the bug shit a friend tried to voice chat with me.

It’s impossible for lua to destroy hardware.

Your mic isn’t fucked due to Garry’s Mod, nice fail.

And the bug is caused by SmartSnap, switch to Physgun or something to avoid it