My mic wont work in-game?

Ok my mic works outside of Gmod i have made videos i have talked on skype. If i want to talk on gmod all it does is show up that im talking but other people say that its not showing up(the icons in the lower right hand corner). The settings are correct and the “enable in game voice” is checked and when i press test microphone it doesnt do anything… Can anyone help? And its an integrated mic im on a laptop.

Edit again: Push to Talk or Transmit when something is heard?

oh sorry i forgot to add that its an integrated mic im using a laptop. sorry.

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its Push to talk and its key binded to “X”

Well, hate to say it, but sorry, I don’t know… last thing i can really ask is is the correct mic selected? And make sure X isn’t bound to something else.

Yes the correct mic is selected and i went in and changed the bind key and it still doesnt work… Thanks anyways.

I think it’s the codec problem once again.

Give a try for this command “sv_use_steam_voice 0” if your microphone works well after that then you have same problem as with many other people.

XD i just fixed the problem it was my settings were saved for the wrong Headphone. It was because when i would try to save it it wouldnt save the settings i put. Thanks lots for the help you gave me!