my micro MIG

recently i built a plane had a little fly around in it and just kept on running out of map… so this morning i decided to make a mini plane that i could have more fun with. and this is what i came up with

unfortunately not long after those screenshots where taken the server crashed and i now only have the model of it and not the flying version. :frowning:

It’s kind of ugly.

Put some more detail into it.

it’s too small for details. It’s made out of cans

It’s made of those jars. I’m pretty sure there are ways to make it look better anyway.

It’s made of pop cans, look at the nose of the plane.

I like it! Shame the server crashed. How did she fly? Fins? thrusters? voodoo? I think its voodoo.

it used an e2 chip that sombody on the server let me copy to use on the plane, which i also lost because i didnt save it. :frowning:

I cant help if it looks a little low detailed, however if phx ever gets a new set of smaller props i could add more detail.

Holograms :smug:

e2 isn’t a contraption, it’s a code

There are props smaller that cans that could add detail, even paint/colour some small wood gibs etc… would work.

Type metal in the GMod’s search bar, you’ll get some nifty little pieces that you could use there. You might also use the skybox size headcrab cannisters for the nose, just search for headcrab.

He’s already using the skybox canister. Look at the back.

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