My Microphone Isn't Working

I have had Rust for a while now, and I have had no problems with my mic, but after updating it just stopped working! When I press V on the keyboard to talk it just doesn’t do anything, not even the mic icon shows up. My mic works for everything else. I’m am on a mac. Does anyone know how to fix it? Maybe it could be the controls, but I don’t know how to change them.

Then it doesnt work or your computer is acting up. There is a very little amount of ways to explain. :eng101:

Do you know how to change controls?

Not really yet its not nessacary at the same time. v to voice chat t to talk in chat.:eng101:

Ok thanks anyways. Maybe it will be fixed in next update :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about a Mac, but I know in Windows you have to be sure that the mic is set as the default recording device in the system settings.

And if you’re playing on the default branch then there will not be any more updates for it, the devs are putting all of their time and effort into the experimental branch.

THANK YOU so much :D. i went into my system prefrences and changed my mic to default, and it works now! Rust has just been unplayable since :D.