My milkshape3d model wont load vtf's! help!!

I made a model with milkshape (took me hours!) and it wont load the textures
I made. I have made 4 models with milkshape and never encountered this. Here is what I did, I made this epic model then took all the texture I was going to make and then made them into vtf format. Put them in my materials/models folder in the folder I had mad for my model (u know the models name)then I go back to milkshape and add one of my vtf’s to it and when I try to load it into milkshape to use it says this: Failed to download material

Please help :frowning: i spent so much time on this model


milkshape doesn’t support .vtf, use .tga.

it work for me in the past

stop using .vtf, use .tga.

what do I do when maikng it work in gmod then? use tga files like I did with the vtf’s place them in materials/models folder before compileing. Oh and do I still use a vtm as always?

use tga in milkshape, then convert the tga to .vtf for gmod.

ok, i’ll try that. Thanks!


nope still didnt work.


Re-install milkshape, you installed some odd pluggin that refreshes your textures as you use them. It doesn’t work.

It does, I just tried ^^ I didn’t even think to try before reading this.

oh cool, I felt like it might work, but that’s just dumb because you need photoshop to edit them :l.

It does work, I’m not sure why you are having issues. Try reinstalling MS3d.

That’s your “epic” model that “took you hours”?