My minbgebag killing machine lol

so 1 day me and my friend decided to make buildings to trap stupid noobs. this is my first time postin in this forum so plz give me good advice on how to make my traps more stealthy.

But here is the trap part because no way i would give them free soda

thanks and please be nice

Can you make an adv dupe savce plz i wanna try this lol!!1

um what is adv dupe?

advance duplication

o its dis coolt hing were u can dl other ppls contraps (see i said contraps because its a trap!!!lol) and you can just like put them onto your game without makin them

omg, this is genius!!
sry i only bought gmod yesterday how do i use buttons!!!

Hope you’re just another troll.

What the fuck, nailgun?

Deadly concentration of troll located!

there needs to be one of those on every server :slight_smile:

Looks stealthy enough to me.

quite useful, really fun

Oh please be not serious about this

Yeah, I just don’t see it anymore. I used to have it in the old Source2004 GMod but I don’t see it anymore.


what do u guys mean isnt this good???

Too much sarcasm.
It sucks hard, everybody can do that in like 30 sec.
My personal record is 14sec.

Thanks for crashing the party.

God damn you’re a faggot

this freakin owns.