Well i am goign to be showing you screenshots of my moon map in progress (MMIP) fell free to criticize CONSTRUCTIVELY!! If you just say for example "Lol thats sucks i cant spehl!! then leave, seriously, i dont care how bad it is, if you going to comment on what i should do be specific.
(pictures coming soon as i get it set up)

You should probably try posting pictures if you want us to criticize your map.

on the last one theres supposed to be point_spotlights but im having trouble with them

Earth and Mars are way too close to the map.

I know, but i didnt make that skybox.if i can figure out how (in fact i bet its easier then it sounds) and maybe delete mars altogether

but i think i’d delete earth instead.

Not to bad, especially if it’s one of your first maps.

One thing however, take you ground brush, go to the top view, and just the clip tool and cut it in half vertically, and horizontally through the center, and repeat with the new squares until your ground brushes are about 512x512 to 1024x1024 each.

This helps you make much smoother and more natural displacements.


Mars and Earth look too close.
The inside looks blocky.
The hills of snow look too pointy.

The grain of the wood is going the wrong way.

And why would they have taken planks of wood to the Moon anyway?

Ah, yes.


And why would there be a man made bottomless pit?

NODRAW on displacement surface.

Well my idea was that it was loooong abandoned place and the gap you see was a primary elevator that had fallen, and how the wood got there?.. who cares?! i’ll fix the grain direction. i need help with the fog, it doesn’t show up against the sky, even when you set it ingame.


I knew i shouldn’t have gotten it at walmart…

Fog isn’t suppose to show up against the sky. Edit the .vmt and change $nofog “1” to 0

i did that but fog still wont show against the sky


never midn i didn’t change the vmt file in my gmod folder.

error whiel trying to load map, something about bad surface extents

Pretty horrid displacement work you got there.

See this is what i mean people. This asshole didn’t name one thing that i could do to make that landscape better, he is just saying it sucks and then he leaves, don’t bother posting here again “Afnopo”.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Terrenteller))

You could start by making only the top face of the brush a displacement instead of the whole damn thing.

Also, he didn’t say it sucked, he said it was horrid, if you can’t accept criticism go somewhere else.

Make the hill actually smooth instead of randomly sticking up out of the ground to cover the “door”

1)where on the hill or on the door
2) for sucks go to verb- 10 and 11 same meanings just stated differently.
3)its not a door built inside a hill, the theme of this is an old abandoned outpost and thats snow that gathered on it over the years.

And let me rephrase, constructive criticism