My mod needs some stuff if anyone is interested (.38 special and more)


Im making some SP maps for the SMOD mod [HL2], and need a .38 special prefebly a bit aged (not a rust bucket though).
Also im looking for a Baretta weapon, should be around somplace, but I only found duals. If anyone knows where to look please tell me.
Need weapons to be ironsightable, havent looked into how that works yet.

It will be a zombie adventure, unfortunately the SMOD mod is a bit screwed up regarding the zombie npc. Im using a regular human model (normal hands) for the classic zombie. But when it explodes (splits into torso) it will split into two torsos + the torsosl doesnt match the human model. So Im also looking for someone who can turn the zombie_torso.mdl into gibs somehow :slight_smile:

There is more stuff, but will wait on that to see if anyone is interested in the above.