My mod weapons.

I’m new to modeling and mod making so I need some people to give me constructive criticism on my work. I am making the weapons using Maya/Blender and I’ve pnly got one that is at the stage I am willing to show, it’s the sniper rifle.


I’ll give mod details if it’s wanted

Make the grip smoother.

That isn’t a sniper rifle , that’s an abomination made out of lego bricks.


Stock : What? Stocks don’t go over the shoulder , and they are definately not that close the grip , eg:[/media]
See how far they are apart?

Grip : That’s a block. Think about holding that in your hand. That would hurt like fuck , not to mention you’d probably break bones from the recoil. Make it smoother - eg:

Body: It’s a huge square with an incredibly oversized tactical rail. Let’s go back to the previous sniper:
Look how the body is smooth, to enable it to be held, also with the same problem as the grip - Recoil would either cut your skin or break some bones.

Tac Rail: Too huge. In scale, that’d probably be as tall as your head.
Look how it’s only a few centimetres away from the body.

Scope : It’s a tube. Scopes have lenses , Where would they be placed?
See the areas that are bigger , and the central tube? They house the lenses ( to my knowledge). Build those into your model.

Clip: Where is the clip?

Barrel: That’s about the right size if you want to be firing BBs. These are live rounds , not small balls.

Notice how the barrel is almost the same size as the scope. It’s firing large rounds ( That’s what snipers are designed for , and for long range attacks).

Hope that helps.

It looks like you made the whole gun from stacking primitives. That’s not how you model, you’re supposed to take a shape (box, plane, etc.) and then extrude from it for continuous geometry.

Are you trying to make it look like that?

you should study rifle design more if you plan to model rifles. i’m assuming your mod is going to be futuristic, but depending on how far into the future you want your mod to go, i doubt rifle design and functionality will change as much as you have portrayed. i know you are proud of it as a first model, but all you did was arrange a ton of cubes and cylinders into the rough shape of a gun, i can’t even tell if you did any mesh editing at all. keep following tutorials for whatever program you are using and you will learn and get better as you practice.

Look on the bright side, now we have an industrial C-clamp-monkey wrench combo.

I don’t think he’s going to speak again.
Maybe he’s ashamed.

Looks like a gun you’d find in Goldeneye007.

Not even they were that bad, if you want proof I can probably get a screenshot from the emulator.

Pfft, at least he’s trying.

I believe in you OP.

I agree. My first model was absolutely terrible, but I’ve been practicing a lot, and I can really see improvement. Keep trying, and really take Hemmeroid_Man’s tips into consideration.

do something easier then a weapon 1st like a waffle,cupcake or a pope hat

How do I carve the handgrip?


Thanks for reading the thread and taking advice.

I noticed the scope but you are still building like they’re lego blocks.
You create a box , and you manipulate the verticies / edges / polygons and build them up until you get a decent model. No , I’m not saying with ONE box. But definitely not making it out of boxes.

Actually , scrap that soulja boi.
** Look on the internet for tutorials on weapon modelling for whatever program you are using **

I just figured out how to carve em so I am getting better

Please don’t use carve or boolean until you know how it’s used properly. If used loosely it creates more problems than it solves.

Meanwhile, do some tutorials. They help. Seriously.

Wow, you do not know what you are doing with blender AT ALL. Seriously go read some .

Not very constructive is it now?

I’m not sure if Broo is actually taking in our advice