My model acts like mashed potatoes.

Yeah… well, I’m making a head hack using male_02 face and Rorschach body. Since the rorschach body is taller than the citizen one, I had to move the head up to 5.00 on the Y axis.
Buuuuuuut, it fucked up the faceposing, I figured out that the model had to be moved down to 5.00 on the Y axis because when I moved an eyebrown, it moved the chin… :v:

So I did move the model and bones down to 5.00Y… here’s what occured when compiled :[/media]


Is there any way I can move this bitch without fucking up the bones? (I’m using Milkshape 3D)

Well, with models with faceposing (i.e the citizens), you always have to move the body and the bones, then rig the head. You also have to move the sequence.smd, other I think this sort of thing happens. I got the same problem with my power armor hack.

Yes don’t move the bones (unless your animating something that is actually moving, but in most cases rotate is better, so move bad), that is the result.

Theres not much you can do really, you can try one of the VTA altering tools to try and move the co-ordinates but i’ve never go it to work :frowning:

Oh and if your using Milkshape it will be pretty certain that your model wont work as a player model (even worse mangling than that).


Actually try that export the bones as a sequence and use that as the idle and re-do the collision model, it might then work ok as a ragdoll :slight_smile:

IT was weird then, that my model worked as a player model, but not as a ragdoll.

Very weird @.@ And you used Milkshape?


Can you put up a QC you used so I can compare, as i’ve been trying to get players/NPCs to work correctly for ages.

No, lost the .qc.

Arg :S Decompile?

Lost the model.

Lost your brain.

Btw, I don’t care about animations and stuff, I won’t use it as a NPC or playermodel, just as a good old ragdoll. You’re sure I can’t do anything to get those flexes back? D:
I really don’t want to go and do manually the face pose! :frowning:
How come do other people get their headhacks just fine?

As Omolong and I said try this:

In otherwords do what you did with the moving the body and bones so the head is where it should be for the flexes to work, but make sure you change all the other parts aswell ^^

Darn :frowning: Not in that Huge Player Collection?

No. It never quite got finished.