My model appears invisible in both HLMV, what is wrong?

So, I have taken both the urban trench-coat model and the city ow elite model, and put the trench-coat on the ow, re-textured it and it looks fine in 3ds max, all rigged, all awesome! So I go, export the model to SMD as a reference, all fine, I configure the .qc, all fine, I compile apparently, all fine. Then I go to look at my model in HLMV, nothing. Wire-frame, nothing, different sequence, nothing, physics model, you guessed it nothing, I have tried re-compiling and exporting a few other times, still blank. I have given a link to my .qc, please help!


EDIT: I am using 3DS Max 2010 with the tools from this page.

I’ve done a bit of model editing using basically the same technique (decompile, export to SMD, recompile) except with Blender–Anyway I get the same issue with invisible in HLMV, although it does recognize the model (no crashing, no error).

I think the problem may not be my model: every other model in my TF2 folder that I’ve tried to open in HLMV also comes up invisible, but otherwise apparently working, recognizing vertices, materials, and bones.

Please, do explain how to fix my SDK so that HLMV correctly displays models.