my models are mirrored!

As we all know, CSS models are left, but they are mirrored right. well, i made some sweps from hl2 content from fpsb, but since they are made right, in the game they look left! how to fix it?

Thats a Lua issue

You need to put this in your SWEP code:

SWEP.ViewModelFlip			= true

Edit: Just thought, if your SWEP code is not all in one shared.lua file, it will need to go in the cl_init.lua.

Edit2: Wait a second does CS:S even use Lua? No-ones actually bothered to tell me if it does or not when i’ve asked. If it doesn’t you’ll need to flip it manually in something like 3Dmax, but with the fun i’ve had trying to figure out how to flip things in the past few days, it wont be as simple as you would expect ¬.¬

CS:S doesn’t use Lua, but the CS:S SWEPs in Gmod do.

Thankyou, now i know ^^