My models are very low texture is SDK, is there anyway to fix this?

Title explains all,
is there anyway of fixing it?

Try checking off the Normal Mapping. A lot of textures look higher detail when bumpmapping and phong have been applied. The other solution is to reskin it at double or triple the original size.

Thats just the model when it’s freshly opened.

IDK. What setting do you play Gmod with when it comes to texture quality?

Its your dx config in your SDK folder.

how do I fix it?

It’s been awhile since I had this issue. I believe it’s related to Source SDK thinking you don’t have enough memory (or you actually don’t have enough) and so it’s trying compensate by activating the mipmaps. I believe the remedy included getting a dxconfig file from one of your HL2 subfolders and putting it into the SDK bin folder. I’m sorry I can’t be of more use, it really has been awhile, I think 2005…

okay, so in a hl2 subfolder.
got it.

I think this is it: