My Modern RP, So far it's called 1999RP (In Development)

Hello, I’m working on a new gamemode called “1999RP”(So Far)

Features(To Be done):

  • Economy System
  • Administration & Configuration System
  • Vehicle System*
    (I will update this if i have more idea(s) / someone gave me an idea)

*- Leveling System

  • HUD(not 100% done)
  • Custom Chatprint System
  • Main Menu
  • Derma Skin(still working on it)
  • Inventory System
  • Chatcommand System
  • Shop (Almost done)



Lynn(Idea & Suggestions n’ other shit)

ALL classes are allowed to have a handgun on them for self-protection.
Shopkeeps, Gun Dealers, and Pharmacologists can have shotguns/rifle/ect. for defense on their property in their inventory for protection.
Guns in public, except by law enforcement or for a good reason, will result in an arrest by police.

Russian Mafia: 10 (Level 10)
Mafia members, paid from the mafia reserves. Primary income is extortion and robbing people, maximum of $100.
CANNOT kill police on sight.
CANNOT rob somebody more than once in a length of time (~1 hour)

Russian Mafia Boss: 1 (Level 18)
Leads the Mafia and pays mafia members.

Police: 10 (Level 10)
Policemen, paid from city reserves, enforces laws and cracks down on crime.
Can arrest people, which gives them a criminal record, effective for half an hour (or until exhonorated)
Can purchase weapons approved for police use.
CANNOT kill unarmed criminals, but can arrest.
CANNOT random arrest.

Undercover Police: 5 (Level 15)
Eavesdrops on criminals, infiltrates gangs, and investigates crimes covertly.
Can only use handguns. can make arrests.
Paid by City.

Mayor: 1 (Level 30)
Mayor, creates laws, manages pay rates, and sets sales/income tax rates (0%-15%)
tax money goes to the city reserve to be distributed.
Cannot enact laws limiting gun sales except banning explosives.

Gang Member: 10 (Level 8)
Gang members that sell illegal items including drugs and black-market weapons.
recieves no pay except by illegal means. Can rob people or steal.
CANNOT murder without reason, must be within RP and cannot be an unarmed person.
Police can arrest gang members and shoot/wound gang members threatening people/police with a gun.

Gang Leader: 1 (Level 15)
Leads gang, responsible for paying/arming gang members if neccesary.
Same role as Gang Member.

Shopkeeper: 5 (Level 4)
Sells food and can sell ammunition if law allows it.
can shoot robbers/muggers/ect. if threatened with a gun, otherwise can only scare off/wound.
Recieves pay from city reserves.

Gun Dealer: 5 (Level 15)
Sells firearms, ammunition, and operates shooting ranges. Required to check for criminal record on all sales. Will be arrested if not checking IDs. MUST not have a criminal record.
Guns can be purchased 3, 5, or 10 at a time.
Can shoot armed threats same as shopkeeper.
Recieves pay from city reserves.

Rangemaster: 3 (Level 20)
Hired by Gun Dealers to keep order in shooting ranges.
Must carry a handgun.
Paid by employer and some money from city.

Security Guard: 5 (level 10)
Hired by Gun Dealers, Shopkeepers, Pharmacologists to protect their shop.
Must have a gun.
Receives pay from employers and small amounts from city.

Pharmacologist: 5 (Level 4)
Sells medical supplies and heals people.
Paid by the city.

Hobo: 3 (Level 4)
Recieves small pay from the city (welfare).
Begs for money.

Citizen: infinite
Recieves large sums from city.
Can carry pistols for defense but can also carry other guns for recreation.

Killing people inside a shooting range is failRP.
pointing a gun at people inside a shooting range is AOS.
Only Gun Dealers can own/build a shooting range, NOT Rangemasters.
Shooting ranges must be free, with purchasing ammo the only fee.
Anybody may use a shooting range regardless of class.

If you have any suggestions please tell me, AND YES, i will add you to the credits.

I do not hire any coders, if you wanna make models/hexxing whatever the fuck, please contact me.

I Want Criticism, No, Not by Rating me dumb.
And no, i will not stop developing this gamemode if you rate me dumb.

Doesn’t seem to be much yet. Maybe you should tell us what it’s about?

I will update the thread tomorrow, its late and my bed and my monsters under my bed is waiting for me.

How do you level up?

What the hell happened in 1999?

Everything just before Fry was teleported into the future.

This looks like that 1944RP gamemode but with a modern twist. I’m guessing every feature will require VIP?

I like how you changed my title, to link to your website.

Did you make up the title of this based off of the year you were born in?

I hope this gamemode is public.

Fuck the 90’s, make a 70’s RP

Not even any GTA games have been set in the 70’s

Lol, so many times you’ve joined my server to spy & compare my gamemode to your shitty darkrp edit, how the fuck can’t you remember how 1944RP looks like.

and i got you a title because you deserved one! :downs:

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Because 1999 takes 0.5 seconds to type, and as i said i will change the name to something else.

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Maybe :3

Fuck RP, make an original gamemode.

They seem to have become quite rare.

  • Updated Main-Menu
  • Added News (Mysql , PHP controlled)

I will add icons to all the buttons.

Can you like… not? It makes something like this look far less appealing to the eye when it just has those silicons added in there. The buttons look fine as they are.

Looks like the generic cakescript v5 / cockwork ui

The UI is really ugly in my opinion. Needs some work.

I see what you did there.

Huh… another gamemode where most things will require VIP.

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Let me help you with that

oh did -snip- call in his friends

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Nope, I don’t even know the guy. I just played your stupid 1944RP server before and did not like it. Mostly everything is based around VIPs when they shouldn’t be. It’s pretty much a pay-to-win server. I don’t mean to thread shit if I am, but this is my opinion. Now if you go away from that model with this gamemode, perhaps it could be good. Players who donate to a server should be thanks yes, but there should not be in-game benefits that gives the donator an advantage over another.

Oh my god this is horrible.