My Modern RP, So far it's called 1999RP (In Development)

No need to be a complete dick

The font and the GUI aren’t all that.


Hmmm, what shall I call my modern RP ‘gamemode’?


****1999RP IT IS ****

I must admit, Modern RP being called 1999RP confused me.

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Wow that interface/GUI looks extremely ugly sorry OP but that is so cluttered and clashing and obtrusive it’s disturbing

Will this be as unique and totally nothing like darkrp as 1944rpg?

Since you guys seem to love me and my progress, i will post more screenshots just for you.


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Thank you, Now let me help you advertise this terrible gamemode

the font is too damn big.

also for crying out loud give your fonts an outline or a drop shadow, there’s nothing uglier than white on grey or grey on black without outlines.

i mean to be perfectly honest with you i’m not sure why you’re doing a gamemode that has the exact same rules, gameplay and everything else than DarkRP. there’s nothing here that is new other than the vgui which frankly isn’t impressive nor innovative. in fact from what i can tell all you’re focusing yourself on is on doing that vgui while leaving some glaringly obvious gameplay mistakes in there, like, what stops somebody from robbing anybody? why would anybody play as a hobo if you get less pay than just being a regular citizen and pretend to be a hobo? how does a policeman know if a criminal is unarmed? what defines an arrest as random? what the fuck is even failrp?

there’s a whole plethora of stuff that you haven’t coded in gameplay wise and leaving it instead to a honor system the “rp community” clearly lacks, why are focusing on the vgui?

hell what the fuck does this have to do with the year 1999?

Thanks for the criticism, I get your point with the fonts, i actually agree to be honest.

this thread is filled with so much autism it actually hurts

looks good man,

idea: add a goal to the gamemode or Targets?

welcome to facepunch
A Great Community till it comes to LUA Development, Jelous rivals & coders who rate other coders dumb to make theirself feel better, there are also server owners that dont want me to success like my current server(populair). - I mean no offence, im hope there’s more people that can admit it.

It’s funny, i see shit like this alot,

Reach the maximum level
Be richest
Have the best cars
Own / Be a member of the best orgranization(organizations will have a perk system, much more…)
Achievements/Tasks WITH rewards

Edit: already rated dumb for saying the truth, lol.


why do you reply if you only had to say 3 letters that has nothing with the topic to do

you literally just ranted about getting dumb ratings

that has nothing to do with a gamemode?

Because 90% of the “dumb” ratings are from coders and server owners, Please lets not change the subject.

I did not mean to “rant” and as i said, i ment no offence.

Please keep the subject to the gamemode.

The green is way too bright.

Text is too big.

Doesn’t look bad overall though, much better than I could ever do from scratch.

I’m curious on what font you use in majority of your screenshots.

Or maybe they’re well deserved. Because they think it’s dumb.

Ya know, what dumb ratings are for.

But no, they’re OBVIOUSLY from people jealous that you’re WAY better than them.

Ugh, this guy bought me a title.
no, its not the best gamemode ever