My multiplayer tab in options is off center?

Like so

I’ve tried verifying cache, defragmentating files, even a complete re-installation of garrys mod, but the problem still persists.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Same :frowning: i heard no fix at all :T

Happening to me too, any idea of a fix? This is really annoying.

Broken, there are numerous threads on it, currently no fix; it’s something Garry has to address

im having the same problem i think it was a windows update im going to try and reformat my box and see when the error occurs (after which windows update it makes it screw up) if i figure it out ill post for everyone :slight_smile: keep your fingers crossed this works LOL

Well, this happened to about 15 other people who also made threads on it, and I’ve tried it through windows 7 and 8. If it was something that was caused by a windows update, it’s still something Garry needs to address, it’s not like he can expect everybody to stop updating windows.