"My name is Camarilla" - V2



Happy now? :v:

Much better in my humble opinion.

Better than the last one yes.

No, not really. No anti-aliasing makes this look terrible. The posing and lighting is okay but the fact of no AA is ruining this picture for me.

I thought this was gonna be a joke and you were gonna place the same pic but with a different (horrible)filter :v:

Looks like you just removed the filter. Those books look horrible, you should have blurred 'em out :stuck_out_tongue:

Way better.

wait a minute…thats a reskined hunter with a gas mask


Thank you for the box. Now I have somewhere to store all my awsomness

Actually, it’s the human hunter, hacked with a gasmask and gear; and then reskinned.

same thing


i noticed the raped down pant legs and sleeves

Why did you make another thread?

removed the filter

Yeah i know that but she could have just posted it in the old thread, it isn’t thread worthy if it’s just the same thing but with a filter removed.


Top half of the guy looks great, his legs? Not so great.