"My name is Camarilla"

Editing around with Photoshop, tell me what you think.



This is gonna be my image for my complication picture, i’ll just resize it later.

I usually don’t like the filter, but I know what your using it for, so it’s all good.

I dislike the effects, but the posing is good.

I like it, I think the computer monitor came out good.

Thanks. Alot of things looks good with this picture but I couldn’t pick which one to use.

Inb4 “Putting an ugly filter on a picture doesnt mean editing”.

And try using the Personal skins megathread for this kind of pics!

Posing is solid, but the filter seems a little strange. I still like it though :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear what your name was over how obnoxious that filter is.

Seriously though, don’t use filters man. They rarely make your picture look better. Try some real editing (lighting and shadows, stuff like that)

Personally I really hate that effect

I think you should stop changing your fucking name every damned week

You shouldn’t use those extremely changing filters.

This is fookin’ filter rape :open_mouth:


Filter rape, it’s a no

No default filters! It looks horrible. No offense. :aaaaa:

The filter is kinda bad.

Filter raep! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Why did you use such an ugly filter ? The picture is fine without it.

Would have looked better without the edit.