My Neat Stuff

These may not be of the same skill level as some of the other stuff on here, but I think some people may like them.

It has 3 vehicles: a boat, a bus, and a Jeep with shit welded to it not really worth mentioning.
All with a hand-made look to it.

Some destructible buildings (who doesn’t like those?).

And two contraptions involving Heavy Weapons Guy.

None of this uses PHX or Wire because I ain’t don’t get it, just HL2/TF2 props and the Weight STool.

Instructions on how for to make them do are in the link provided.

Best. Troll. Evar.


What makes me a troll? The fact that I built a contraption that isn’t a tank or an airplane like in all the other threads? The fact that I didn’t use any of the “pro” tools like Wire or Easy Precision? Please tell me so I can delete this thread because this is just a troll in the eyes of all the pros.



He must have not used his brane.


(it’s really just a jeep with shit attached)

This is revolutionary. The heavy can run and shoot at the same time!

ah, nostalgia. i miss old gmod

Why isn’t this in the top 10 Gmod Creations?!

A revolutionary, ledgendary bote indeed.

In all seriousness though, you should have looked at some of the contraptions on this forum before you decided that this was postworthy.

flote bote

Who are you guys to say he can’t post his stuff? It looks like it had a reasonable amount of effort put into it, it’s not a five second thing like a gman ragdoll with turrets coming out of every orifice. This is a fine example of what gmod used to be, and i completely endorse these contraptions.

I like the bus.

You guys make me feel :saddowns:

Awe, you guys hurt his feelings. I may just fall for the trap and say, “You are horrible at building.” But you know what partner, I believe in you. Now go out into the world and try, try, and try again. Then one day, you’ll be good enough to post stuff in the contraption forum without people telling you “you suck”. When that day comes, you’ll turn back to this post and say, “I knew I could do it. I should really go thank that random stranger who gave me some encouragement.”

So for the future you who will look back at this, I just have to say, “Your Welcome.” :c00l:

Sooo, I’ll just say that I felt fucking nostalgic. Reminds me of gmod9.

I bet if the first post was inflammatory you guys would have torn the OP a new asshole rather than saying how nostalgic his contraptions make you feel.

However they do bring me back to the good old days.