my new garry's mod machinima

please… tell me what yo LIKE about it and not the stuff you completely hate about it, and… no need for retarded sarcasm.

Looks like NPCs dieing.

did you not read? i said what you like about it… >:0

I didn’t like anything honestly. It was just NPC’s getting Shot and shooting with clipping camera angles.


make more threads plazma

If you can’t take C&C don’t ever post another video on FP again.

Or anywhere with users above age 12.

i kind of liked it. I just personally love shots where people die in slow mo. I know, adhd. i would say 6/10.

I liked the fact it only took me 5 seconds of clicking through the video to decide it was horrible and closed it.

facepunch, trolls? THAT SLAPS ME ON THE KNEE

I liked it because it’s like a documentary lol

What was bad about it: Everything
What was good about it: The ending, because I didn’t have to watch it anymore.
Star Rating: 0/10


I really hope this is a troll thread.

I like nothing about it, You can barely spell, and barely use grammar, and you posted this in the fucking wrong section. Mods, please move this thread to Screenshots and Movies.

Or better yet ban him, since he’s most likely a troll or only 12.

He removed it and got himself perma’d :byewhore: