My new horror map (WIP)

Hi! I’m making a new horror map. It’s based on a house on night with rain and thunder.
I used my previous techniques and some that i learned on this map. Remember that it’s a WIP so it needs a lot of polishing and building.
I’ve made this horror map more ambient than a map with just a shitload of jumpscares.
The thunder flashes randomly and i finally (after 1 hour of searching) got a DECENT raining sound. And i used some more “natural” light colour than white. :o
If anyone has a good rain sound, tell meh.

I hope you like it now already. :slight_smile:

On the last screenshot there is a light blue light with Flicker in the vent, but it doesn’t appear on that pic lol

Certainly has an air of horror to it, I think you need to detail it some more and the rooms need to be less square, more varied but overall it’s a nice map.

In the last two pictures your lighting seems wierd. The lamp itself looks lit yet it barely gives off any light and its 100% directed to the floor which makes the ceiling and surrounding walls look pitch black. Remove those green lit window decals; they’re supposed to be on exteriors and almost obscure from players. In the last screenshot, remove those pipes at the top; you don’t find HL2 Combine sci fi pipes in regular buildings, especially so outwardly placed like that midway up. On that small round pillar to the left, lower the lightmaps on each face so its small enough to fit and put them in a single smoothing group. Also, the transition between the metal and the grate on the floor looks wierd. Remove that decal hole on the far end wall; it’s used for canals and sewers and such, not regular buildings.

Idk it doesn’t look that scary to me because of so many things I see wrong. I’ve no doubt that you made use of good sounds which are a big factor of terror but the biggest factor next to sounds is atmosphere and story which doesn’t seem like you accomplished nor explained.

looks cheaply made, add some detail and don’t stand on the same fancy textures

The lack of detail and poor brushwork is the horror itself.

Your brushwork is very blocky.

Blood and bodies and rain and darkness does not make horror. Horror is not about seeing it is about not seeing. This doesn’t seem like it was designed at all, it looks like you just built off from a room, it doesn’t feel like a real place. I’d suggest working on your brushwork before trying to make a full blown map.

just an opinion here, but make the spaces smaller.
my number one fear is claustrophobia. and if you’re not afraid of small spaces, you’re very uncomfortable in long, dark, narrow hallways. :slight_smile:

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nice job being constructive and all. i thought it was okay, just needs to be squished.

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oh and i almost forgot, warm lights such as amber, yellow, orange, create a warm cozy feeling. shoot for cool colors such as light green, teal, light blue… but don’t overdo it. a tint will do.

Yeah sorry i don’t have a story built up yet, and yeah i noticed the lighting myself and i fixed it in the new compile.

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haha and i now noticed, there’s some breakable props missing because after the map test i started to mess around with weapons and then i took the screenshots… XP Oops?

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There is a long hallway i made that is tight as hell. Good luck for you to play the map when i release it :3

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Oh and do you guys remember the sentence “Work in Progress”? :stuck_out_tongue: Nah just kidding, you can send comments if you want. I’d really like to! I fixed all the problems you guys said.

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Blocky?? This is a map based in a normal house. I don’t see any round pillars or sphreres in my house…

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I tried…lol well i’m now trying harder

There’s always one

Houses have a lot more angular detail than you would think, even simple things like closets and, I don’t know? Proper source dimensions and wall thickness would work well.

Blocky has nothing to do with spheres and round pillars. When people say your map or brushwork is blocky they mean it’s literally rectangles with no detail. You said your map is based off of a normal house yet from what I can tell it looks nothing like a house I’ve ever set foot in. Take a look around your own home. I guarantee you its not straight out rectangles with little to no detail. Think of door frames or window frames or trims along walls or trims as transitions between different surfaces. Think of bookshelves or rugs or paintings or fans. Think hard and ask yourself before you plan or make whatever - is this logical / does this make sense?

of course i will make it look like a real house and i haven’t added all the detail i’ve planned. please just wait until it’s finished. And that feels like a house to me…except the basement. And besides, the old houses here look MUCH different than in the US of yours.

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you havent seen the full map. there’s shelfs and closets, a proper toilet and a kitchen with a fridge, cupboards, a table etc.

You should make your rooms not-black. Give them that very dark color.

Dark enough to where they can only make out figures and outlines of things, and then remove the flashlight.

Other than it being not very detailed, I don’t think I can say much more without actually playing the map myself.

If you post a WIP map here, expect criticism. People are not going to tell you it is wonderful, they will tell you what needs to be fixed, even based off the few screenshots posted.

Blood and bodies do not make a map scary, and unfortunatly what people tend to do is make a map scary by using jump scares. It is a cheap way of getting the player to jump. Play stalker or metro. They have entire areas that are pretty safe, yet make the player feel as though they are being watched. The Jupiter Plant in Stalker: Call of Pypriat does this excellently. Despite the worst thing being a few psyhounds, the entire area feels as if something is going to happen any moment, and the longer that nothing happens, the more you expect something. Once i finished all my quests there, i never returned, despite knowing that it was safe, it was an eerie environment.

Make it moody, not dark. Use dimly lit areas, and browny shaded lights. Make sure everything has a reason for it being there, and stick as solidly as you can to the theme. You need frames around anything that looks like it needs it, not just doors and windows, but also grates. The combine pipes do not fit in a human building, use vents or normal metal pipes instead. The “Resist” graffiti also looks strange in a non combine universe…it looks wrong.

Get a story set up and the mapping will flow better. Even just a rough idea will help a ton. Furthermore, add little stories in the larger one. Why is that body there, why the burn mark, why the coffee spill. Don’t make it obvious, just little stories that humanise the environment, and make the overall story hit harder.

Of course i respect criticism! :v: I’ve been making my map better with the advices of Ze people.
I’ve been thinking for a story a bit. but haven’t made the elements of the story into the map. I’ve removed the pipes, and i made the map less dark. That reminds me, the living room in the 3rd pic was lighted but when you go further, the electricity cuts off on the power box, but the Kitchen still has light tho. I added more backround noise/ambience (don’t worry, didn’t make the ambience annoying), and i have vents and normal pipes on the basement… Oh, and i have a question: How can i pose ragdolls in Hammer for my map? Thanks, and i will update my post soon. Who knows, maybe i post the preview as a video! :words:

You can use the animations to pose, or you can try making your own. Otherwise, you are stuck with the t-pose.

Yeah, the T-Pose is annoying. I’ve tried to use animations, (NOOB QUESTION INBOUND) but How can you apply the animation? do you use a trigger_***? or what? i would like to know!

Or you can add me on Steam and PM: Yes! I am Invincible! [1138]

this is a really good start, keep working at the little details and it’ll shape up nicely.

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make it a prop_dynamic

add me on steam if you want help

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wait we’re already friends :v:

lols yes, we are…:rolleyes:

I would add fog into the map, maybe colored fog. I’ve been using it on my night maps and it helps the atmosphere a lot.