My new machinima!


It’s about Alan Bladestone, a US Marine who’s been left behind by his squad. He’s in the sewer tunnels and is trying to find his squad in a forest. Along the way he sees stuff and encounters humans who have been mutated by the L-Virus. (Lambada Virus)

Is this serious?

Before you even think about making stuff like this, get a computer that can run both garry’s mod and fraps for gods sake.

At least try and iron out that horrible framerate.

i think the command to disable the whole who kills whom in the top right corner is cl_drawhud 0, makes those things disappear,you should use it in videos

You can’t be serious. Plus, Your use of HALO music evidently denotes you as either a troll or a chi-

IE5. Get off mommy’s computer.

It’s a nice try I guess. The HUD popping up is really bad, and the stuttering is really unacceptable. The opening where you spend ~2 Minutes almost shooting bottles is boring, at least find a soundtrack to use. The story is disjointed and explained entirely through Caps Lock subtitles thrown in at random. There isn’t much story for that matter, except for the text below the Youtube link. A couple of random NPCs serve only to confuse the viewer. At least have them make sense, and explain why they are there. Viewers are expected to know why there are a couple of zombies in the sewers alongside an Eastern Front WWII GI and some “Nazis”. Seriously, you had a DoDs NPC already, why not just use the Germans from that?

I guess this has potential, just needs a lot of work.

Whoah bro, Halo has an amazing score. Just because you think the games may be garbage, don’t bash the music bro.

But yea, this is either purposefully shitty, or… well let’s just hope its purposefully shitty.

I fucking pissed myself man. MAKE MORE!!!

Loved the music, and the general idea of the sewer tunnels was pretty good, though executed terribly. My suggestions:

Upgrade with some better hardware. Lag kills immersion in machinimae
Learn how to layer audio. Having a sound effect pop in and cause the music to stop inexplicably also kills immersion.
Lastly, watch some other machinimae and see how they do it. Try to replicate their actions. It will take time, effort, and a lot of patience, but the outcome will be so rewarding.

[sp]The bottle shooting scene pissed me off incredibly. It took up like half the video.[/sp]

this is better than anything i’ve ever seen come out of this section. op you are a genius


Your stuff is no better.

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Welcome to Our sanguinary sect of worship. Feel at home in Our Black Conventicle, as We anathematize all those who oppose Us. Come join Me in My infernal depths, Mephisto’s Hall of Fame. Don’t summon the Devil, don’t call the priests. If you need the Strength, the Conjuring you shall obey.

Umm… Just to let you know if anyone wants to continue this series feel free to! Just make sure you used the same stuff I did… AND USE LOTS OF GOOD SCARY HALO MUSIC!

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I have an ATI Radeon HD 4270. IDK how to install better graphics cards.
I’ll try…

OP is an obvious troll. The halo music thing in the above post and the christian thing pushed it over the ‘realistic’ line.

I’m sorry about what I said. I was kidding guys… I’m going to reupload it. I just made the machinima at the wrong time. Nighttime… YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE IT AT NIGHTTIME.

The file might already be haunted.


I love the series and its score, It’s just it’s evident he’s either a horrific troll or a mentally retarded child who can’t actually understand that HALO music only fits HALO.

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Uh, I think that me atleast trying(albeit failing) is better than wandering around shooting NPC’s with WMM overlaid text

This is the best comedy I’ve seen in a while.