My new map: Siberia base

Hello! I’m going to introduce my latest map: The Siberia base.
It’s a dark horror-kind of map with puzzle elements.
Here are some screenshots:

The map is scrolling, i took the shot in a bad time :S

There’s a dynamic water particle, it collides with everything! even players lol
(special thanks to TopHATTwaffle for making this! :slight_smile: )

I have more screenshots, but they’re old. If you want, i can post more.
This is a WIP, so i take opinions, and suggestions happily!

for the record, i’ve been helping this guy map and he’s actually capable and willing to learn, he’s sure to improve

Yes, thanks for the help! :smiley:

Ooh, that water particle sounds very interesting! Do you plan on releasing it? :wink:

Experiment with the texture alignment and possibly scaling to make sure they “fit” on the brushes. For instance, it looks like some of the floor tiles disappear into the wall, and the wall bricks disappear into the ceiling.

Be sure to not underdo the lighting. Darkness is of course important for atmosphere, but pitch-black is rarely good for a room. You’re using the flashlight to enable us to see what’s going on in the map - Consider how this will affect players. Maybe extremely faint lights without an apparent source may help?

You may want to add a bit of detail, such as entry and exit points to those pipes.

I don’t even think i saw this in half life 2, but I’m thinking large scale use like dynatmic water if such a thing existed with the expection of real life.

You’re totally right, i’m adding some more light to the darkest areas, and i’ve made sure that the textures fit. I need to find a way how to scale the textures without stretching them or making them look weird. maybe some frames on the corners of the walls? i dunno, and i am adding more detail, yes. I will post some shots when i’m done :slight_smile:

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No, the dynamic water is not mine. you can download it here:

Thanks a lot!