My New Production Logo

Made a new production logo for my upcoming video. Thought you all might want a look.

Its sweet. But the stillness lasts a little long. Try cutting some out of the middle.


Holy shit, that looks sweet. What program did you use?

I used Lightwave for the video, and CoolEdit for the audio.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this for my film group. Would you recommend a program for a beginner?

Whoa, nice. Like the sounds effects and blur.


I would look up some tutorials or better yet, become someone’s shadow to learn from them because it can get pretty complicated…or just dick around with it.

For 3D rendering and animation I use Lightwave. Most people use 3DStuiod Max however, but I prefer Lightwave. For 3D modeling, there are about a million programs, of which those include both Lightwave and 3D Studio Max, but I use a little known one called Metasequoia. I like Metasequoia because of how small a program it is (it runs very fast), and the controls are better than any 3D modeling program I’ve ever found.

Below is for Metaseqoia

For audio, it doesn’t matter much what audio program you use because they’re all pretty much the same. Audio is a lot more about content you have available, and your creativity with mixing it or choosing the right sounds. I use a program called CoolEdit96…yes, it was made 14 years ago, but it runs super fast and has everything I need.

Good logo.