My new second map! ✨ sbox_testgrass Any suggestions or stuff to add?

I have not posted here in a while. So i’m going to share the latest thing I made! :grinning: Any suggestions?

I’m hoping to get a key and port this over to sandbox when its done

Keep in mind this is preview lighting.

Hope you like this

Edit: going to add some more images

Here’s a little truck area

A nice little sign

And an apartment


Hey! If you’re just showing off a testmap I’d recommend posting in the WAYMO thread instead: S&box WAYWO April 2021 - #60 by Jackystar76

Its not really a test map I just called it test grass

Woah, that apartment is very good, especially compared to the little house, does it have interiors?

It’s just a model for now. Might make it an real apartment

I think your expertise should be modelling, seeing as that apartment model is so high quality, but I cannot fault you for trying out mapping, I’m sure you won’t have problems with either.

Oh that model is from half life alyx