My newest and most best map so far "apartments"

This is my first serious attempt at mapping, its an apartment building with a secret vacant apartment that leads to the strange basement through an out of order elevator shaft.

The room you start in

The living room you find when you enter the door (left side) the door is
locked and theres nothing behind it.

The living room you find when you enter the door (right side)

The vent you crawl through to the secret apartment that the company hid for a mystery reason.

The empty vacant apartments door to the fucked up hallway.

The flickering light at the end of the tunnel

After jumping down the small elevator shaft (takes no dmg) it leads you
to this hallway

The huge vacant apartment, empty and not lighten.

the lobby at the right side of the hall.

The bloody bathroom, kind of a bad omen.

It is not finished, and i want suggestions, if you see a problem please point it out or tell me how to improve, i already noticed the bathroom doors not in place completely, so you don’t have to tell me that, i hope you like the map.

No apartment has rooms that big imo.

Bad textures, no windows and no doorframes. Also add more detail, it looks uninteresting.

i’ll make it smaller.

It’s just a hallway with big square rooms… not the best of maps, but keep trying and you’ll get there.

there is a window in the spawn room but that was my fault for not posting it

thanks for the suggestion in advance.

What’s with the big wall outside the window? is that part of the apartments? or what?

its the neighbouring buildings, take note that you can see alleys between them at when you look out the window.

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at a certain angle

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Splitting the huge room into smaller apartments, thanks for the suggestion firegod

I kinda like the “Most best” part of the title :buddy:

But anyway, it seems kinda okay, although the rooms are way too empty and your walls are too thin. Make them at least 8 or 16 units thick.

Still needs a lot of improvment, better textures, door frames, windows, smaller rooms, with sections e.g kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.

Your texturing is a little bland, and the lighting could use some color variation. Also, you should have more lights.

Maybe you should try giving your landlord head, then see what that gets ya.

Pay attention to detail, and possibly do some research of your own to see what buildings like this (not just apartments, but also flats, hotels, etc.) to see what kind of structure you’re wanting to create. Be realistic in your building, and keep in mind that there generally isn’t a ten foot leap between the door and the toilet.

It’s all really bare and blocky. Rooms are too big and dim as well. I suggest the above.

Bad map, how can you say it’s your best one? Go watch some tutorials (Not 3kliksphillip etc etc), and

Because everyone starts somewhere.

Back when I started mapping I was so proud of my map that consisted of a highway tunnel with a maintenance room that had zombies and flickering lights in it.

You should see my first map. I was so proud of it at the time, and now when I look at the screenshots, I sort of feel really embarrassed that it is mine.
Trust me, it was a lot worse than this.

are you guys refering the bad textures to the wall, cieling or floor? or all of them?

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Reference pictures would be very helpful.

All of the textures, also reference pictures would be helpful… that’s why google is a public search engine, help yourself.

add door frames, and sprites on the lights, and move the “Light” entity down to more the middle of the room.