My Next Map for s&box!

Back once again with another map!

Before I start I would like to show off my other projects in order below if you are interested!

List of Map Projects (Oldest to Newest)

Learning and Prototyping Maps for Deathmatch
My Next Prototype Deathmatch Map
Cry of Fear in Source 2
My Next Hidden/DM map in Source 2 for S&box
Source 2 Inspired Map (WIP) KF1 - BioticsLab
Snow/Underground DM Map

Honestly I recommend the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th! (Make sure to scroll down for the updates for each one!)

Yeah, I have been posting map after map these past few week, I really enjoy making them! Can’t wait to test them within s&box with others to see how they hold up!
Now that thats done, lets get back to current project!

Decided to mess more with lighting and use what I learnt so far with developing maps in Source 2 and thats why this map project was born this time!

Its very much a WIP and I will be fixing up the lighting a bit and filling up the space drastically to make it more a Deathmatch / Hidden map!

List of Screenshots!

Hope you like this project as well as my other projects, and if you have time please do check out my other projects in the list in this post :heart:

Updates will be in the replies and please give feedback of any kind I’d love to hear them!


Not sure if you have s&box to test but it would be a neat idea to use dynamic lighting to a players advantage by casting shadows around a corner to see if a players coming around that corner as an example, for deathmatch. Not sure for Hidden, if the Hidden casts any shadows. Just an idea, sorry if it’s not any constructive feedback :no_mouth:


Don’t be sorry, an idea is an idea and ill keep it noted. I was thinking about making the whole map darker and i’ll most likely tinker with that idea as it’ll make the players use a flashlight in some areas to see other players. I don’t have s&box to test but I wish I do soon. Thank you though!


Can’t wait to test it when general access comes out or if im lucky to get a key :sweat_smile:, but seriously good job on the blockout and lighting of your map


Really good job on the lighting, gg. :+1:


These looks sick!

They’re giving me halo vibes


I don’t have s&box to test but I wish I do soon

well you got it now, congrats. im really looking forward to playing your maps one day


Oh my bad, theres a way to join it before but I forgot to leave the group on the forums…I don’t have the game but people can join the group even without it.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding :cold_sweat:
Not gonna stop making stuff though so hopefully soon I do have a chance to get it to put it all in and get ready for when more people are playing/developing within s&box


Brand new update!
A visual upgrade and lighting upgrade! I so badly would love to test this in Deathmatch soon but this is how far I’ve reached today and this includes no HLA assets at all!

Here are the screenshots!

Will add more objects in most likely and add more volumetric fog to the lighting too but so far I really like the layout and setup of this map
(might add another set of rooms to the right side of the map to allow for more fighting areas etc.)

Hope you like it! :heart:


woah this looks incredible :astonished:

maybe add some red lights in?


Oooo could do in some places that would be neat!


Very nice, good work :grin:


I’m sure this is already in your TODO, but I think the next iteration would benefit GREATLY on more texture variation, blending, and use of hotspots instead of [Concrete_01]. Subtle changes that stack up to make a significant difference are awesome. Looks good so far and I look forward to seeing more!


Yup I’ve thought about it and might do very soon as I do agree it would make a big difference in the quality! Thank you though for the feedback :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Update time!
As @dchad said before that it would be way better to add blending and so forth to the textures on my map, though I’ve only did that with the concrete atm and still experimenting with different types of concrete / flooring but right now I would like to post an update to the changes I’ve done with the lighting, frames around windows and doors etc and some tiny bit more props added in.

So heres some screenshots. Though remember its subject to change, and if I do get my hands on s&box a lot will definitely change in all the maps I’ve created in Source 2.

Sometimes the concrete is too much so I may change the texture size, and I am planning on changing it in a few rooms definitely on the second floor due to the fact why would there be concrete like that on the second floors you know? but I’ll do that tonight with a lot more time than I had today with this (less than an hour)

So please mainly look at the frames and the border of walkways right now as I quite like the dark black metal around each one!
I hope you like it so far :heart:


Yep, that’s the ticket. Looking better already!


ooh i like the shiny surfaces


For some reason the opening just doesn’t seem correct, but I’m trying to think how it would be in real life if not a big hole… Maybe it should not be a frame at all, but just an opening reaching the roof? Either that or one of those folding gates


My idea was thats it like a storage type warehouses that have this,

But as this is indoors I thought of having this in between 2 units of space, though I did not use references images for the indoors of this, I only vaguely remember being inside a warehouse in Napoli a few years back and seeing it split in between with a shutter like this.


Hey guys a late update to the map!
This time I’ll be providing you with a video update so you can understand the layout and the scale better than images!
This is probably the last time I’ll update this map as I am quite happy with it and can’t wait to port all my maps to s&box to see how they all play and update them all to fit their design as intended!