My Next Prototype Deathmatch Map

Making a new post to document the progress of this next map instead of flooding the previous topic as people might not want to scroll every single time theres an update for this map! Sorry in advance if you find that annoying.

Anyway! Previous map is not complete obviously but its basically there so updates for that map will be on that post while this map now will be all here.

Now you may be asking,
"Why are you making another map so suddenly?"

and my answer is;
"I’ve got another idea and I want to use previously learnt techniques from the ground up to produce a new idea I’ve got!"

Now I am not so good with drafts, so I build quickly what I believe my idea will look like and expand upon that until im satisfied and then do all the beauty decoration stuff after. I am now at the point of putting together the layout I kind of have in mind.

This is the top down view of it and people will spawn around the map and be able to fluidly run to each section of the map and remember what place is where when they quickly respawn (Fast paced deathmatch needs basically)

To learn from my previous topic on the forums I’ll keep it shorter lol :sweat_smile: so here is the screenshots I have now!

For those who can’t seem to process the way you move around the map from the blank textures and so forth here is a video! Dw about the ending pls

As always open to suggestions and so forth, but if its decoration please wait until I start that part as right now its just layout and getting the feel of the map right for Deathmatch. :heart:
(Plus its all about keeping the map looking good and very simple, Deathmatch to me doesn’t require so much detail that other gamemodes need so I like to keep it simple for now)


Looks very good so far, love the curved hallways & I do agree with keeping everything simple and using dev textures (for now at least).

Does seem a little dark though - feel like some areas could be a little brighter, may just be me tho

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Of course! The lighting is what it is now due to just again, putting it together and seeing how it all flows :smile:

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This looks like a TF2 community map.

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Not much for tonight due to well helping others in the S&Box Community discord and well, my mouse setting fire mid way through. Though now I’ve got a £2 wireless mouse lmao.

Anyway here are the updates for today and hopefully tomorrow i’ll make up for what i missed for today!

Of course its hard to tell where everything should be, so I’ve got an overlook photo for you to understand a bit more. Adding more platforms and so forth and after that I’ll get down to making it more detailed (lighting and so forth)

Not using assets from HLA and keeping the dev textures for this one though, not until I’ve got everything i could put in this map and save one version without hla and then one with hla stuff.

Back to work in the morning UK time!


Next update!
Tons of screenshots incoming…

Might be almost a day later but worked on it a bit less today due to the mouse accident lol.
The lighting needs some more work but that isn’t worth doing yet until I finalise what I’m doing.

This is what it looks like now from the top down view! A Lot more detailed compared to the last two.

It’ll keep its general shape for now and no more rooms will be added unless I get a great idea :sweat_smile:

Now I will include a video at the bottom if you want to gain a general idea of what the map feels like to walk through (plus know where each room is).
But first the screenshots!

Main room

Little room below the platform in the main room

First room when walking forward

Another angle

The dark tunnel thingy

Second room after going up the dark tunnel and straight forward through another archway

Second room up the slope

Main room second floor from the slope

The video showcase

Yeah I kinda called it dm98_archway but…its just a name I came up with for the video so don’t worry about it lmao

Anyway that is the update for today! As always I’m up for suggestions!


Looks amazing! Good work!


Just a little update!
Post processing and also light placements changed.

It is a lot colder and brighter feeling now compared to the warmth of the previous version which is what I prefer. Its gotta be cold as you’re killing people fast af!

Though its all subject to change!

New project coming soon, wrapping this one up for now.

If I get S&box early access, it’ll open me up to playtesting and seeing how fluidly this map performs in Deathmatch but until then I will only tinker with what I think will be best and when I get some new ideas for room designs. Also suggestions help a lot :heart:

(Not stopping work on the maps I have made so far, they will continue getting updates when possible and will be implemented into S&box if possible)


woah! cool ramp! :slight_smile:


Honestly my favourite part of the map.

Wheelchair accessabillity is important :wink:

The general structure of your map is pretty good! Perhaps try some slanted bevels near the ceiling edges to reduce the squareness feeling of the rooms?

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Ooo that is a good idea, I’ll give that a go when I can!