My NiTRO Panel login info won't work.... (HELP)

I know the login for my control panel but not for my NiTRO panel, I am using the same information as I did when I bought the server.

I also need help with putting my server on DarkRp too, so if you have any suggestions on how to then please just reply!

If you can suggest anything like, an rcon code or just basic information to try and help sort this.

I need to get on it desperately…


What could have possibly made you think that FacePunch Forums was the best place to complain about this?

I didn’t complain idiot…

I think the nitrous networks company would be able to provide you the information needed regarding your log-in problems. Also try reading their FAQ - since they actually answer your DarkRP question. Doing some basic research aka Google you would’ve known this.