My noob friend accidently banned me from his server

On server with AIDS mod my friend was wondering what BAN train is . So he used it on me , so I was permabanned and stuff.
Where can he unban me ? He says there is nothing in garrysmod /data

Garry can’t unban you from servers, please consult your friend on STEAM or with a community forums, we cannot do anything.

How can he be friend ?

If he’s smart he’ll attempt looking for a banlist.

Kill him.

removeid <SteamID>


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BTW what are you talking about???

He thought you were asking Garry to un-ban you.

Where is the word garry?

There it is!

What the christ , why did I write world 0_o


Your neck

Rape his girlfriend (if he has one)

You most likely deserved it

lol “noob”