My novel needs help :)

Hello everyone playing Rust right now :slight_smile:

Im Reki and im really glad I found this place.
First thing: Im not native english
Second one: Im a writer (again not in english).

Why Im here? So Im writing a novel right now and I think I could use a little help here :).
From what I can tell right now your game have problem with communication. There is non.
While I know this is not permanent problem, it is interesting for me.

My story is not really survival… its more like a lot of species (humans too) are in great danger and have to abandon their planets (in our case its Earth :slight_smile: ) looking for salvation.
At the point the cataclysm had start Humans didint even know about other species living somwhere in space… and now we are surrounded by them. We know about them very little and we really fail to communicate.

Getting to the point: one of the story lines include one of main characters crash on planet with few aliens… They dont know if the rescue is comming and they dont belive each other plus natives are not friendly too.

I wanted to ask You: if there was anytime in game you succeed in teaming up with other people … without using skype or team speak.
It was hard even when you can talk with people on side chat or in-game direct communication (I played DayZ for like few hours and got killed dozen times in big cities, even when I was shouting about not being threat) .

So I hope u have a story or two to share :slight_smile: Any material would be great so if you have some films on yt or sth - i take what I can ! :slight_smile:
Share what ever you have. If you teamed up with somebody and after five minutes got killed by that guy - tell me :slight_smile:
Did any of you even tried not to kill? :slight_smile:

Best regards,

That sure is a lot of :slight_smile:

He seems happy :slight_smile:


yeeea… Smiles are my addiction I think. … even now i want to add some … agrrr… I … Will… Be… Strong.

how they feel :suicide:

I’ve never teamed up with people entirely out of skype/Teamspeak, but sometimes people have approached me without any hostility and we just kinda throw gifts at each other, never met before kinda thing :v:

That’s happened about 3 times to me now

Can’t have that here on Facepunch.

If your forum posting style is indicative of your writing, you should try using words rather than symbols and images to convey ideas and emotion.

What kind of cataclysm can force a bunch of species (I’m guessing from many different star systems) to leave their home planets? An “event” that large would be virtually inescapable. Hopefully you’re not one of those people who thinks Noah got 2 of each animal and loaded it up on an ark to escape a planetary flood, because this is even more inexplicably stupid. The logistics and technological needs of such a task (evacuating a planet) are so ridiculous that I can’t even take the rest of the book idea seriously.

If you want this book idea to fly, you need to make the cataclysm preventable, and humans need to be the only ones with the balls to do it.


I don’t think that you should be overly concerned about the “survival” story taking place on the planet while the premise is so lacking. A ship that is equipped for transporting millions of people over a massive distance would most likely be equipped with a sustainable food production and life-support system as well as spare parts. If your ship is going to crash land in such a way that vital, irreplaceable components are destroyed, or the crew lacks the expertise to repair the ship I suspect that many survivors would die of starvation and inability to cope with life on their new home. The last place you should be looking for inspiration for your survival story is in video games and their forums (unless the forum is teamliquid).