My NPC won't sit the f**k down

OK, so i’m working on a map, and i need an NPC sitting on a 32x32 block, but whenever i run my map, he is standing!

What’s more is whenever i go on his settings, they have all reset.

I am using sit_chair on male one.

I’m not new to mapping, but in this particular “field” i am lost, so feel free to rate me dumb.

If someone that can post a link to a decent tutorial, that would be great, because i think i just need to learn the basics again.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried using a logic_auto to change his animation when the map spawns?

Oh, and you can swear on these forums.

How do iset the logic_auto to run an NPC animation?


Haven’t tested that but it should work.

That doesn’t work. There is no “SetAnimation”.

Try this entity:

Can you explain what i need to do please. The tutorial is hardly for noobs, such as myself.

One would assume that meant you were at least familiar with the VDC and entities.
It’s not a tutorial simply a list of flags, keyvalues and I/O for a scripted sequence.

Use that, but substitute in your own animation.

Thankyou so much metallics for all your help. It is much appreciated.