My NPCs are messed up!

always when im trying to spawn an Citizen, or Rebel or Refugee, they stand in T-position and scream: Im hurt! im hit! etc. and another thing is that ALL NPCs except Fast zombies and Kleiner, Alyx and Barney die from one hit or bullet! Even manhacks xplode when i touch them!
Turrets do nothing, and i can’t take damage from any NPCs except fast zombies. and Combine are normal, but they die too on one hit
and i get loads of actor errors to console, i tried to Validate files, but i can’t because i can’t find Garry’s mod in Library ( YES I OWN 100% LEGIT COPY NO PIRATED S***)

can someone help me? :frowning:

PS. lol i just noticed: This poll is not a place for Help and Support posts…but still does anyone have an idea for this prob? i tried to Google…raged
PPS: ok now i posted dis on Help & Support page, ignore this and go there ;D…can i delete this lol? 0.0