my npcs cant use this swep

iam new to gmod 10 but i got this swep that is a sword and a shield. In the pictures you see a npc holding it so i downloaded it and when i go to npcs that weapon dosent show up.i have other sewps and npcs can use it. can anyone help because i really want my npcs to use it.


No. There were no NPCs using the SWEP in any of those pictures.
Its the player holding the SWEP in picture #1.

but what about the other 2 i have npcs that look like that

Oh, I didnt notice that.
I guess you’ll need to add the weapon to the NPC list yourself.

Go to the lua folder and then create a folder called “autorun” if its not there yet.
Then make a .txt file called “npc_weapons” or something. Then just edit the next example to your liking and copy it as many times as needed:

list.Set( "NPCWeapons", "lua file's name", "weapons name in the list" )

thank you so much!