My NPCs don't die

When I shoot my NPCs they don’t die.

Make sure you have damage enabled on the server/game.

If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a glitch with an LUA file that either greatly increases NPC health and/or an LUA file that makes weapon damage 0 or so.

if there is a lua file that makes weapon damage 0, how would i get rid of it?

Do you have the GCombat addon? If you do that’s the problem. GCombat doesn’t allow you to kill NPCs with bullet weapons, you need explosives, melee, or the crossbow.

maybe you are trying to kill NPC sniper(you need explosives to kill them)

wel i have this problem on some weaposn like on HALO rifle or some sniper rifles from assult pack does anyone knows how to activate damege on them? (sniper rifels dont shoot but the rest works fine)

omg thank u so much. i do have gcombat, which i never use, an i will delete now. thanks again!

well i tried it and it they still dont die. will life support do anything? or are there any other addons that will?

Make sure under options the pvp damage thing and god mode are both unticked.

Thanks. I’ll hate to get rid of GCombat but I guess I need to.

Gcombat does nothing to NPC damage. If you have “Gcombat 09”, get rid of it, that shit’s not real.


I have GCombat and GCX, and I have no trouble killing breen at all.