My Nvidia keeps crashing because of TDM cars.

Hey there.
I somehow have a problem with my Gmod that makes my Nvidia driver always crash. I updated my driver already and installed the newest things but it still happens…
I can’t give you a console log cause my Gmod just freezes in a white screen (if played on windowed mode) or a black screen (if played on fullscreen)

Here is a screenshot of the happening :confused:

Thanks for any help.

NVidia Card? AFAIK (as far as I know) 320.49 is the newest stable driver.

Yeah, I don’t have the exaxtly newest driver but as I said. It keeps doing this all the time.

Try updating your driver first?

Did. Still the crashing :confused:

Is this one the 550 Ti, 680 Ti, Titan, etc and what make is it by (such as MSi, etc)? (Not just the ‘newest NVidia card around’) - If you know what card it is exact.

I’m using 550 Ti MSi make, no crashes or anything.

Here’s some informations about my PC:

Yep. Still crashing

Try starting the game with -dxlevel 80

Nah, but then players in PERP will be invisible again.

Edit:\ Seems like the same happened to TF2 at me just at the moment… What the hell is wrong with my GPU :expressionless:

Why do you tell everyone to keep doing that? For the last time, DirectX 8 is seriously broken in Garry’s Mod.

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Then it’s a problem with your hardware/software, not GMod. Could be with Source games if you wanted to do some more testing.

Any solutions?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling your graphics driver.