My Opinion and Suggestions

I’ve been browsing the forums the entire day at work, (quiet day) and I’ve seen all sorts posted on here, I’d like to apologize to all the vet players about us new folks, but those of us who stick around after a week, will be worth having around! I also want to tell people that dieing a fair few times, while trying to establish a base happens and to stick through it, cause fuck it gets good.

Now only to the main meat of what I’m intending to post. I love the game currently even in the alpha its in, but I have a few ideas I think would work really well with how things are going and they are as follows;

Power Systems; A few posts on the forums have said about making generators which use low quality fuel, I think this is a bad idea and instead propose the following. Instead, you craft a windmill, using metal shards and that can be placed, its about 2 stories tall and generates power, within a certain vacinity of said windmill, you need to place a generator, which is only crafted by finding the blue print and FINDING the parts (not crafting), in the radiation zones. One the generator is built it must be placed within a certain radius of the windmill to gain benefits, the UI for said generator has two gauges, a ‘Power’ and a ‘Output’ gauge, the power gauge is a percentage which increases as more windmills/larger windmills are attached, for this case we say one windmill generates 50% of power for a small generator. Now the small generator as 50 ‘output’ points, if you hang a light blub, that thats 5 points, if you place something bigger like a search light for instance or a ‘work bench 2’ those take up 10+ slots, and if you place to much the generator over-loads and everything stops working until you lower it to the said 50 points. Obviously the generators are noisy things and can lure other survivors from around the area.

Vehicles; I’ve seen a few things, people want this new helo to be flyable etc but I feel in the current map-size a decent item would perhaps be either a trash-made ‘buggy’ which is 1-2 seater and a quad bike. Think Fallen Earth;

Now to craft this its much like the aforementioned generator, you must find the blue-prints and then -find- some of the items, and make some of the others so you can’t just spew them out, one ATV/buggy per blue print, so its rare at best. They’re maybe a little faster than sprinting, can be taken by any players etc however within the game already is a ‘garage’ door which can bee seen in some radiation zones, so that could perhaps be craft-able so you can store your vehicles.

Farming; This is my most recent idea, much like we have foundations already, what about ‘soil’ foundations, gather loose soil but digging at soil areas and gather mounds of dirt, pack them together to make a farm, then get seeds, from somewhere, and apply them like walls etc to the ‘soil’ foundation, and then with some care and attention, like you heal walls, but instead with ‘water’ and maybe ‘fertaliser’ you get from animal corpses perhaps, you can make your food grow, then using fires and furnaces you can bake bread and such which give perks like ‘well fed’ and stat bonus.

Thats pretty much all I have right now, I had some vague ladder ideas or perhaps the idea that weapon mods have stats to them, so perhaps a broken scope has a crack in the lens and other such things along said lines but I need to figure out the details. This is just me spit-balling so, let me know what you think! I hope the devs are looking too! :slight_smile:


Also you should need to collect water and have like … ‘water tanks’ to gather water and such, or … something like that.

Farming would be fun, but the other 2? Nah. It is supposed to be a survival game this is not fallen earth. Of course as it stands right now walking out of your house is a death sentence with the rampant automatic weapons and kevlar squads running amuck.

Eh, I liked the idea of being able to have decent lighting for your house, I get that its a survival game, but you would think the human race would expand as they survive, power is these days an essential thing and its not difficult to generate a small amount of power using a windmill, I would add another dimention to the game I feel.

In terms of the rampant automatic weapons, I think thats going to be changed soon but only time will tell.

I like the vechiles, maybe also like these




but without all the op guns and maybe abit less protection around it.