my opinion of a possible clan style

I think they should incorporate a clan system to rust. you could add people to your clan, have wars with other clans. however instead of turning off friendly fire within the clan like so many people ave requested, simply make it so you have some sort of physical appearance change like the tabard in world of Warcraft or the little title beside your name in cod. then people could identify members of their own clan for protection and members of enemy clans as potential threats.

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i just read a thread about the decay time of houses being 24 hours and how they want to change it. i think that you could incorperate that fix into the clans by giving them the ability to claim land increasing the decay timer on the buildings inside then claimed area. and then whenever someone in the clan logs on, it resets it to 24 hours instead of just the person who build it logging on.


In an effort to maintain some sense of realism in the game, the devs (apparently) have no intention to add any friend systems, clan systems or anything like that. They aim to make it as realistic as possible.

Perhaps instead of reading about the decay of houses, you could have researched your topic hmm?


If you’re going to make a clan, you need to do it like you’d make one in real life - Without any systems.
The devs want it to be as realistic as possible. Friends list? All in your head. Who’s in your clan/which clans you’re enemied with/allied? Remember it in your head or write it down.