My opinion on mechanics and priorities

I have over 100 hours logged into this game so far and im loving it.
The thing i love most about it is the FPS fights. The rush i get from fighting is 10 times higher than any other FPS because i have something to lose, i wont just respawn and run back into the fight with fresh supplies. That being said i have a list of things that are either taking away from the fun or could add to it by order of importance to me:

  1. Hackers: I know they are working hard on this but im putting this because it is the number one thing destroying my game experience.
  2. Character Customization: I agree with Garrys plan to keep nametags close range, but we also need something to tell us apart. This gets really bad during group raids. I turn around to see fighting and dont know who to shoot.
  3. Guns showing up on naked people: Too many times i have had naked people w/ a rock, run up to me asking for food only to pull out a shotgun and blow me away while in inventory. This one thing would save so many naked people from being KOS.
  4. Hand signals: I can never tell from a distance if they are pointing a gun at me or a rock. Coming up on people and being able to wave or put your hands up would save alot of misunderstandings. Tactical hand signals would also be fun instead of giving your position away with voice.
  5. Moon cycles: i live in the middle of nowhere IRL with no streetlights, the moon makes a huge light difference at night, so it seems wierd to have it pitch black at night with the moon out. I think the moon should cycle, so no moon = a pitch black night, and full moon = easy to see at night.
  6. Reinforce walls: As the game progresses it gets to a point where offense is the only defense. No matter how many resources you have, you can only put up so much defense. I think we should be able to pump more resources into walls making them take more and more c4 to destroy.
  7. Teams/clans: Allow people to team up and join clans. Allow customizable clan clothing (which can be stolen for spys and infiltrators). This goes back to customization for raiding. Also this will help for the door sharing, so we can build gates/walls around communities and you need the clan clothing to open the gates.
  8. Centralized mass resources: This one will probably get some hate but i think it would increase competition to have 3-4 spots on the map with large amount of resource output. Maybe a cave with lots of metal or, or a lumbermill for extra wood. I believe these centralized resources would cause alot more fighting between the more powerful groups on the server while still allowing the nakeds/solos to farm the smaller resources.

What do you guys think?

  1. Disagree. I don’t see any issue with having nametags show from long range, so long as you are actually aiming at the person.

  2. Agree. Though could be messy if the person has tons of guns on them.

  3. Disagree. Douchebags will still just wave at you then shoot you anyways.

  4. Eh, disagree. Pitch black is pretty much the only time torches and other such items are necessary.

  5. Rather than have reinforced walls, I’d prefer new building materials. Such as high quality metal, fine wood, etc. Both for defense and for aesthetics.

  6. Sounds cool.

  7. Extremely disagree. Resources are already very scarce on high population servers, not to mention people would just camp those spot and newbs wouldn’t stand any chance. If anything resources should be more spread out.

I agree with this guy completely on all of these things, but especially this one. It would just make the rich richer and the poor even more poor.

On second thought, emotes might not be too bad. I could see a “stay back” emote being useful. That way they can’t whine that I never warned them.

  1. I shot a guy this morning cause i told him not to follow me and he still followed me…i later realized my microphone was muted
  2. Im not saying get rid of pitch dark, im just saying make 1 night pitch dark all night, and other nights partially pitch dark.
  3. Ya, im ok with high quality metal also. just something that we can spend our resources on end game for more defense.
  4. I figured people wouldn’t like it. But the way i see it my community already camps an entire valley of resources and kicks everyone out so the resources are ours. This leaves the naked to move to another valley which i then hear complain in chat that they were killed elsewhere also. Making a small area with high resource value while keeping the spread out resources will move our camping to that area clearing the way for nakeds to farm the spread out resources. This will also make the rich groups spend lots of resources defending that small area against other rich groups.

1. Yep.

2. Absolutely. Dying armor would be great. You could limit the palette somewhat to keep neon colors and stuff to a minimum. Even better have berries and flowers and whatnot to gather to make the dyes. I also think something like a spyglass that shows nametags from much further would be really cool for ID’ing people from a distance.

3. Yeah this would be good, but I’m not sure how they should do it. Would any guns you have on your hotbar show up on you holstered? What if you have 6 bows?

4. Good idea. They also just need proper scoping animations and whatnot.

6. We definitely need more defense in the game, and that’s one way of doing it. Like the guy above me I’d prefer different types of walls that cost more wood or metal or whatever. Things like traps and proper house ownership of some kind would also help a lot.

7. I think this should be left up to the players for the most part, such as just having everyone in your clan wear red boots or something (if armor dying was a thing).

8. I think it’s too clumped as it is honestly. I really want dynamic resource an animal spawn covering the whole map. There should still be areas that spawn more or less than others but I really dislike how much of the map never spawns any resources right now.

In my opinion top priority, aside from hacks, should be 1. dynamic resource and animal spawning 2. house ownership, sharing and defense. 3. Balancing out progression. 4. Replace zombies with better mobs.