My opinion on rust

Hi, FlaaHD720p here to show you my opinion on rust.
Rust is a dayz, minecraft, stalker like game that is in it’s early development. I think this game has plenty of potential to become a high rated game. Even thought it is in it’s alpha stages this game has become more popular than some thriple “A” titles. The creators of this game has been working hard and trying out new ideas like “explosive charges, cars, pickaxes etc” Some of the ideas were very good and they are not getting enough credit for the work they have put. Thanks

Pickaxes are already in the game -_-

I know I meant that they came up with a good idea for the pickaxe

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Thanks for telling me

What the fuck am I reading here? You’re some random guy sharing thoughts that aren’t even creative for some reason. In fact you basically just listed game features.

things covered in your opinion:

-it’s in early development
-it’s in alpha otherwise known as early development
-it’s more popular than some triple A titles
-the creators work on it
-some of the ideas in it are good
-the pickaxe is a good idea

thank you so much!!!

So things we should already know by default (for the most part).