My opinion on solo lonewolfing in Rust.

I find this game to be really hard solo. I play alot of DayZ with friends and I can mange playing that game solo. This game I find it necessary to have some sort of backup with you. Mostly everybody I see belongs to a group and usually farms in pairs or more. Im looking to team up with soembody on TS3. Let me know. Especially other lonewolfers out there that feel this way.

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These kids are ridiculous look at this kid that contacted me from this post said.
*im Robby
[2:37:49 PM] redmustang83: How old are you?
[2:38:02 PM] Robby: 27
[2:38:13 PM] redmustang83: Oh dayum
[2:38:23 PM] Robby: why
[2:38:32 PM] redmustang83: Just wandering
[2:38:43 PM] Robby: how old are you
[2:38:48 PM] redmustang83: 15
[2:40:16 PM] redmustang83: What;s your Rust name?
[2:40:22 PM] Robby: ~my rust name~
[2:40:31 PM] redmustang83: Hmmmmm.
[2:40:38 PM] redmustang83: Got any spare keys?
[2:40:42 PM] Robby: no
[2:40:51 PM] redmustang83: Well. I have your ip then. :stuck_out_tongue:
[2:41:37 PM] redmustang83: I have a proposition. You give me your account and I won’t ddos you. Hm?
[2:41:42 PM] redmustang83: ~showing me my ip~
[2:42:50 PM] Robby: sure dude
[2:43:04 PM] Robby: let me give you my account
[2:43:17 PM] Robby: userid : suckmywiener
[2:43:20 PM] redmustang83: What’s the credentials?
[2:43:33 PM] Robby: password: youfaggylittlesqueker
[2:43:41 PM] Robby: lawl